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The Rise of Femtech & Why Women Love It

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Categories of Femtech

There are a broad number of types of Femtech products out there for you to choose from. Addressing the complexities of women’s bodies and their unique needs, technology advocates and innovative designers around the globe are bringing amazing products and services to make us healthier and happier.  These include:

Period and Fertility Monitoring Apps

Whether you want to get pregnant, or are trying not to, these mobile apps can be very helpful! Using big data to monitor different variables (up to and over 50 symptoms to track!) in your cycle, you can upload these applications right to your phone to help you expand your family — or keep it right where it is.

General Health Care

This can encompass many areas including telemedicine focusing on women’s  health, genomics based personalized health tracking solutions, and technology driven designs such as the EZbra that help ease discomfort and maximize independence after surgery.

Period Care Goods

Motivated entrepreneurs are also delivering excellent solutions for menstruation needs. From organic (toxin-free) pads and tampons to absorbent underwear to menstrual cups, the market for better, safer, and more convenient period care products is definitely massive.

Women’s Sexual Wellness

Sexual wellness is a blazing hot topic for femtech too. These can include such items as new types of lubricants, new products (increasingly made by women for women) aimed at enhancing sexual experience and jump starting desire after menopause, condoms marketed toward or for the female experience, and apps and sites focused on sexual education for men and women.

Pregnancy & Nursing Care

Innovative solutions surrounding pregnancy and nursing care can be breast pumps that are tech-enhanced, diagnostic tools to use during pregnancy, and products that can help with pelvic treatments for new mothers (as well as post-menopausal women).

7 Benefits of Femtech — and Why Women Love It!

There are many reasons why femtech is becoming more and more popular (and adored) by women around the world. Check out this list of motivating factors to get involved with and support femtech:


  1. Women get better and more personalized choices to improve their quality of life. Our bodies are unique and respond in their individual ways.


  1. Femtech is changing minds and perceptions. The strength and diversity of women around the world is being celebrated through the wealth of options for women’s health — from the government to the private sector, women’s issues are being taken more seriously.


  1. Disruptive technology is changing lives. Giving women new alternatives to traditional medicine, femtech is making use of artificial intelligence, providing new options for contraception, and more. From nuclear physicists to coding aficionados, dedicated professionals are bringing some really amazing products and services to the global marketplace and making a difference in so many lives.


  1. Women spend a lot of money, and time, online. They are tech savvy, like to do their research, and make a lot of purchases when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. Women supporting women is wonderful, and great for business.


  1. It’s educational! The amount and quality of information about women’s health has never been this bountiful — and it keeps growing. From fertility to sexual health and happiness, education from tech through apps and more is helping women every day all over the world.


  1. Convenience. As many people have their phones on them at-all-times, apps are very convenient, can save time, and be fun at the same time. Other tech products, such as wearables, are lightweight and provide valuable services in a convenient and small package.


  1. Investments in femtech are rising. Venture capitalists and other entrepreneurial minded individuals are investing a lot of money in the femtech arena. This means that the quantity and quality of products and services that cater to women’s health will continue to increase too.


Are you sold on femtech yet? If you have not taken advantage of some of the fantastic options available on the global marketplace right now — there is “no time like the present!” The future continues to be bright for innovative products and services that enhance the lives of women. Perhaps, you may even have an idea of your own.


From mobile apps that tell you whether you are fertile to products facing nursing moms and post-menopausal women, there are many options out there. Celebrating the combination of technology and women’s health, femtech is here to stay.





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