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The Rise of Femtech & Why Women Love It

When women’s health and technology combine, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Femtech (Female + Technology) is hotter than ever. Covering a wide range of issues and product types, women all around the world are getting increased access to the latest and greatest apps (and much more!) to monitor and improve their health.

Read more to find out some of the trends and hot items in the industry — and why women are loving them and choosing to use Femtech products and services.

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What’s New in Wellness & Technology?

In the ever-evolving world of technology, new exciting programs, apps, devices and much more are being released every day. Do you know the latest of what is going on with wellness and tech? Covering a wide range of needs, people (and other species), innovators and disruptors galore are coming up with some dynamic products and services that promote health and wellness. Read more to see the latest happenings!

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What’s Coming Next with AI and Personalized Wellness?

The power of technology is growing at an increasingly rapid pace. This includes the realm of personalized wellness. Companies are placing significant investments in the digital sphere to cater to varying health and wellness needs — creating innovative products and services that surprise and delight consumers across the globe. They may also be a little unnerving to some when it comes to issues of privacy. Are you ready for what’s coming next in personalized wellness?
Here are some of the bold innovations that could be part of your future wellness programs.

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