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WELLNESS INTERACTIVE INC.® was launched with Our Founder Desiree Watson, a leading advocate of sustainability and wellness.

Her creative mission influenced the wellness industry for over 30 years. The company focuses on helping corporations and non-profits committed to changing their trajectory to one of Community Social Responsibility, People, Planet, and Profit, and communicating their commitment to wellness and sustainability.  Ms. Watson, using her marketing background and having experienced a health crisis while pregnant with her daughter, became passionate about the major issues within the health care system and how to support the many communities affected.

Her message has always been “Capitalizing on your constituents’ interests in being well and protecting the environment, you will create brand loyalists while educating and preserving the well-being of the people and the community”. The company has over 30 registered wellness and sustainability brands which helps corporations and non-profits move to a wellness and sustainability model. The brands are exceptionally useful when an organization is ready to launch a new product or establish great visibility in targeted communities that need support.

2006 - 2007

Corporate wellness site dedicated to education and integrated health care options. Wellness Interactive, Inc®. partnered with one of the first online data resource centers contributing to complementary and holistic medicine. National standards activation of traditional medicine (pharmaceutical) and its impact on holistic and supplemental medicine was of significant value in educating the communities our clients supported.

WELLNESS LOUNGE® POP-UP was founded and it’s first client was the NBA wives /behind the bench in NYC. Their extraordinary efforts to educate their communities while launching their own individual family foundations was a success with the Wellness Lounge® pop-up. WI helped to secure corporate sponsorships while keeping every engaged with wellness. The quality sustainable wellness products and experience of the staff make the Wellness Lounge® very popular and highly effective. Wellness Interactive® will go on to produce many Wellness Lounge® experiences for corporations and organizations.

Wellness Lounge Merge Summit
Article featuring Dr. Janice Pride Boone


“A STEP FURTHER®” (newsletter). Wellness Interactive® launched an educational brand with a weekly newsletter and the Wellness Lounge® printed edition of its health and wellness publication. WI partnered with the strong ME Foundation to secure funding for its 12-week childhood obesity program for local schools. WI also partnered with the Links Inc. foundation with a 5-year commitment to support their healthy living initiative for communities nationally instituting and supporting an educational interactive wellness model for over 10,000 Link members supporting over 250 chapters.


WELLNESS INTERACTIVE ONLINE PORTAL COVERING ALL MEDIA (video, podcast, publishing, television)

Wellness Interactive Website
Something Healthy Tea


The SOMETHING HEALTHY® brand was launched and an ecommerce site was instituted. Wellness Interactive® was presented with an eco-friendly award for producing green products. WI launched its organic tea brand Something Healthy®.


WELLNESS LOUNGE® flagship brick-and-mortar opened in New Jersey. It is an oasis where visitors can come and stay a while. Our guests sip warm tea and enjoy organic treats while enjoying warm foot baths.

Here they are invited to take advantage of ancient therapies such as ear candling, reflexology, Thai massage, and other holistic treatments. Relaxing music, lifestyle classes, workshops, and green shopping inspire visitors to stay a while and enjoy a day in the Wellness Lounge®.

Our team of experts guides customers through the products, practices, information, and technologies they can use to build a healthy lifestyle.

Wellness Lounge Brick and Mortar building
A Step Further. A Wellness Lounge Podcast


WELLNESS LOUNGE® PODCAST on Voiceamerica debuted globally, with close to a million listeners in over 40 countries.

2014 - 2015

Launched sustainable golf products and traveled to China with the PGA for the first golf conference. WI was the first minority and women owned business to launch sustainable golf products in China and in Florida, USA. The company launched the first sustainable golf shirt made with recycled plastic bottles at PGA fashion week in Las Vegas.

Shannon Davis in Golf wear
Wellness Interactive branded CBD products


WI transitioned from a corporation to a branding company. Wellness Interactive Branding, LLC® was formed to offer the opportunity for companies to brand wellness and sustainability with purpose-driven goals using Wellness Interactive® brands and models.


Wellness Lounge® Digital Publication was formed and launched to support our communities struggling with the Covid Virus.
Wellness Lounge® Digital Publication
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2023 - 2024

Wellness Lounge® franchise in development.