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Empower yourself with the benefits of a wellness lifestyle

Desiree Watson, a pioneer in the $4.5 Trillion wellness industry, guides you toward incorporating wellness into your life through commentary and interviews with exemplary personalities from a diverse group of business professionals.

Our topics embrace the interconnections of intergenerational in-depth analyses of the wellness lifestyle and its impact on communities. Related topics will embrace a positive impact on how a wellness lifestyle commitment can successfully empower the individual and influence educational and political processes on a local, national, and international scale. Personal empowerment is about looking at who you are and becoming more aware of yourself as an individual — and developing the confidence and strength to set realistic goals and fulfill your potential.

What We Discuss

The importance of mental health and awareness has taken on a new meaning in our current social climate. Now more than ever, we need to stay involved in improving our mental health and being proactive in how we are doing on an everyday basis.

On average, a third of a person’s lifetime is spent at work. With so much time being devoted to someone’s career, people in leadership positions must prioritize a culture of wellness for their workers. In today’s workplace, cultivating healthy and high-performing teams can be done by leveraging well-being as a leadership strategy. This shift can also have a game-changing effect on retention and productivity.

Wellness Interactive is proud to present our podcast that highlights discussions for companies and businesses striving to implement wellness in their workplaces.

We discuss everything from creating environments that are psychologically safe to balancing productivity and leading with empathy. We showcase founders, executives, and leaders who are ready to share effective strategies for supporting self-care with their teams. Given the uncertainty during these unprecedented times, industries need to shift their focus on how they are supporting their teams. The best ways they can lead is with clarity, empathy, and consistency while still maintaining their goals to keep doors open.

our goal with this podcast

At Wellness Interactive, our podcast aims to highlight the transformational change that workplaces are making towards impactful wellness for their employees.

By promoting wellness stories, we hope to bring awareness to companies and workplaces that need to understand the power of balancing mindful wellness in conjunction with deadlines. By shedding light on those leading by example, we want others to look closely at what they have created and see if it correlates with a work culture they can be proud of.

We understand the pressures of performing on both ends of the work spectrum. However, in order for employees to sustainably perform at high levels, they need to know that their employer has their wellness in mind. Although each workplace experience is different and may require various tools and resources, the result should remain the same.

Wellness Interactive wants to end the mental health stigma that exists within the workplace. Wellness Interactive’s vision is to be the voice for those who need to persevere through these difficult times and to create that wellness media channel space where it is simply an extension of a company’s core values.