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About Us

Our Mission

For over 20 years, Wellness Interactive® has been a strategic marketing wellness partner working with companies and non-profit organizations who care, excelling in addressing wellness, sustainability and “Community Social Responsibility”. There is a flood of information that creates noise. Wellness Interactive® has over 30 wellness brands, with Publishing, Podcast, Ecommerce, and Social Wellness, helping companies to quiet the noise to make a positive impact in the communities they serve. The Wellness Interactive® signature brand, “Wellness Lounge®,” creates a safe space to engage in Physical, Social, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual, and Social Wellness experiences. Creating a culture that supports healthy wellness practices that are valued and incorporated into everyday experiences. Now more than ever the universe requires everyone to stay involved in improving mental health, and being proactive on how our communities are doing around us.

Our Vision

We are committed to creating safe spaces for those who want to change the trajectory to “Community Social Responsibility”. We pause to listen to the communities our clients serve with sustainability, workplace wellness, and social wellness engagement, “People, Planet, Profit”. We empower
individuals, families and communities to achieve spiritual, physical, mental health and well-being by providing the necessary tools for organizations to support their communities with effective business practices and wellness experiences.

How We Help

We empower individuals, families, and communities around the world to achieve spiritual, physical, and mental health and well-being by providing a digital platform for wellness professionals, entrepreneurs, physicians, therapists, educators, social advocates, and businesswomen. We promote quality products and effective business practices that contribute to healthier communities and a sustainable environment.

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