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Uplifting Children’s Wellness 

Parents strive to raise healthy and happy kids. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, children’s wellness was complex. Now, the endeavor is exponentially more complicated. But the good news is there are many dedicated people and organizations that are passionate about supporting the health and happiness of children.

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How Does CBD Help With Wellness?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is booming across the wellness industry. Its popularity continues to increase as another “tool” in many people’s wellness “toolbelt” as its properties and potential benefits become more widely known.

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Community Wellness – We Are Stronger (and Healthier!) Together

Strong, healthy communities enhance and uplift people in rural and urban areas across the country and around the globe. Physical and emotional wellness is central to quality of life, and many communities are working hard to address wellness — providing various programs and special events to help others every day. Read more to find out what communities are doing to help make people stronger and healthier.

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The Wellness Interactive team with decades of experience in the 4.5 trillion dollar wellness industry designs digital storytelling for those who want to redefine their understanding of wellness and what the future holds for their businesses and communities.

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Our team at Wellness Interactive are target specific to those who want to redefine their understanding of wellness. With our podcast, communities, videos, and articles, we present our members with what we believe is, something healthy for your mind, and will launch you on the road towards a life of wellness and self-awareness.

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