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The Latest in Pet Wellness – Taking Care of Your Furry Friends

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Pet Wellness Products – Keeping Them Happy & Healthy

Keeping pets happy and healthy sometimes requires purchasing products that treat problems. Industry leaders are also focusing on prevention as well. The award-winning California-based pet specialty brand, Skout’s Honor, has been offering environmentally and socially conscious cleaning and grooming products for some time. In February 2020, they announced a new wellness product category. Focusing on treating the root cause instead of quick-fix symptom relief, Skout’s Honor has four offerings so far:

  • Prebiotic Pet Balm — for cats and dogs, paw and nose protector with Manuka honey
  • Probiotic Ear Cleaner — soothes, protects, and naturally defends the body against bad bacteria
  • Probiotic Itch Relief Spray — contains oatmeal, hydrates, and provides long-lasting relief
  • Probiotic Hot Spot Hydrogel — contains aloe, hickory bark, soothes and heals

Probiotics support good bacteria (just like for human gut health) and provide a natural defense against inflammation, promoting healthy skin for the long term.

As the use of CBD supplements is increasing for human health, the pet wellness industry has enthusiastically embraced the power of CBD too. Just as it’s important to know your sources for supplements for people, it is a good idea to do this for your pets as well. Two of the most trusted organizations in their respective industries, the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) and the U.S. Hemp Authority™, promote quality for CBD supplements. One company that both organizations gave seals of approval for recently is Charlotte’s Web.

Pets & Tech — Smart, Personalized Solutions

The technology revolution was bound to leap into helping the wellness of our pets. New options are continually coming for pet parents everywhere. One of the first innovators was Autopets. It was founded in 2000 and has a star of a product with the Litter-Robot,  featuring “a patented sifting process that only removes the clumps, preserving the clean litter and reducing usage by up to 50%—keeping more clean litter out of your garbage and landfills.”

Sure Petcare has a micro-chip controlled pet door that uses a cat’s existing microchip as a personalized key. This keeps feral cats and other critters out while allowing your pet easy access. The door can also be remotely controlled by the owner’s smartphone! Other developments from Sure Petcare include sensor-based behavior monitors for dogs and smart feeders that are controlled by RFID collar tags or microchips.

Focusing on digital pet wellness, Obe utilizes machine learning and other techniques using artificial intelligence in a “smart food system” that disperses the optimum amount of food for your dog’s daily nutritional needs. They also have automated water and food bowls that track drinking and eating habits that can adjust/re-calibrate.  With this type of innovation, who knows what the future holds?

Pet Insurance – New Financing Options for Your Wallet

Just like for people, caring for your pets can get quite expensive. Enter pet insurance. Pet insurance has been available for a while, but it has recently expanded quite a lot. That trend is sure to continue. Pet insurance can include both products and services, from preventative care supplies such as flea and tick medication to necessary surgeries at the veterinarian’s office.

Pet insurance companies are growing bigger. One leader in the industry, Pumpkin Insurance Services, recently signed a lease in a high rise in Chelsea, New York City, NY. That’s a positive sign for the future. Just like for human health insurance, it is important to check out your options. Depending on your pet’s health needs, it could be a good financial decision.

Dental Health – For Good Smiles & Strong Teeth

Your pets need their teeth just as much as you do. The pet wellness industry is attempting to offer more healthy solutions to help keep teeth clean and strong. One of the latest options is a chewable dog treat line from Redbarn Pet Products that contain all-natural ingredients such as parsley for antioxidants, cumin to support digestion, and cellulose for fiber. They even have some fun, unique shapes such as a horned toad for large dogs. 

The Health Benefits of Having Pets

Healthy pets help make healthy people. The love and companionship our pets give us elevate mood, reduce stress, provide an outlet for physical activity, and can even help our self-esteem. Other reported benefits have included helping with loneliness, improving blood pressure, reducing anxiety, and even helping us live longer. Taking care of our pets is automatically “leashed” to taking care of ourselves. Now that is a loving way to live.

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