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The Furry Quotient: How Animals Make an Impact on Wellness

It is undeniable the joy that animals bring to people all over the world. Pets of wide varieties from kittens and puppies to gerbils and budgies grace the homes of individuals and families. But the impact of animals on human health is far-reaching, helping people with various issues, circumstances, and illnesses every day. Canine therapy is the most widely known and used and is continuing to advance in popularity as a go-to option as part of an overall wellness program. But not only dogs have jobs! Read more to find out the various ways animals are making an impact on wellness for people in your community, and beyond.

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The Latest in Pet Wellness – Taking Care of Your Furry Friends

As the wellness industry is expanding quickly, pet wellness is tagging right along with it. These sweet, close companions to humans mean a lot to their families, and entrepreneurs around the world are focusing on the health of furry friends large and small.
The amount and variety of products and services that are available to take care of our pets are pretty astounding. And it is certainly interesting that some of the trends in pet health are mirroring trends in human health. But it’s not surprising. Taking care of our pets is kind of like taking care of ourselves. They improve our lives in many ways.
Curious about the latest happenings in pet wellness? We’ve got it covered.

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