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Pregnancy Wellness: Discover the Possibilities

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Coconut Oil — a Carousel of Benefits

There are an amazing number of uses for coconut oil! From a skin conditioner to a stomach that is not happy, this valuable oil can be a great friend. Here are some of the ways that coconut oil can be helpful in pregnancy:


  • Conditioning the skin on your belly to prevent or alleviate stretch marks
  • Taking as a supplement (smoothies, baked goods, etc.) for healthy fats and immune boosting
  • Using as a natural makeup remover and helping with dark circles under the eyes
  • Combating acid reflux in later pregnancy – it’s soothing and anti-inflammatory
  • Spreading on any sore muscles as a massage oil

Pregnancy Apps — Growing and Showing

http://www.sheknows.com/health-and-wellness/articles/1132905/webmd-pregnancy-app Oh, it’s amazing the variety of apps that are available for pregnant women! As mobile is where more and more people spend their time and get their information, developers are responding in kind to the needs of pregnant women (and those who are trying). They can do things like:

  • Track menstrual cycles
  • Remind you to do your Kegels
  • Provide name searches and suggestions
  • Allow you to hear the heartbeat
  • Track the timing of your contractions, and much more!

Check out the reviews and see which ones might be best for you. Information is power, but try not to overwhelm yourself with tracking every single moment and action of the day – this can create undue stress. But having a few apps on your phone can be a useful and a fun addition to your wellness plan.

Fish Oil — the Strength of Omega-3

Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids including DHA. This is helpful in the development and strengthening of the baby’s brain, central nervous system and the eyes. Researchers are continuing to study the different areas of health that fish oil can contribute to, and are finding correlations with helping to decrease asthma in children — and allergies too.  This is very exciting! Be sure to speak with your health practitioner regarding proper dosage and all of the potential benefits of the supplement.

Choline — a Rarely Known Nutrient That Helps Kids Learn

Have you ever heard of choline? This nutrient is not well known, but it plays an important role in helping omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins such as folate work the way they are supposed to.  (It’s important for adults too!)  You can get it through a number of items from egg yolks, to lima beans and liver. If these don’t sound like favorites to you, broccoli, beef, and chicken and other foods have lesser amounts.


Choline is important for the membranes of the nervous system cells, and promotes better brain development and functioning that is crucial for learning and retaining information. Again, speak to your health and wellness professionals for best practices on how to get enough choline.

Staying Fit — Keep Your Body Moving

Fitness is just as important for pregnant women as it is for anyone else. Certainly, it is important to follow the particular protocols of your pregnancy, but as a general rule, keeping moving is healthy for both you and your baby — whether it is a yoga class, a regular walk in your local park, or a more vigorous exercise program.

Increasingly, this overarching and long-talked about subject is drawing more attention from physicians. Also, exercise during pregnancy can have a wide range of benefits including:

  • Less gestational diabetes
  • Reduced incidence of lower back pain
  • Lower frequency of urinary incontinence
  • Fewer Caesarean-section deliveries, among others

Be Creative — Be Well

Seeking out the tried and true, as well as the latest and greatest information, can help you diversify your wellness plan during pregnancy and make it as strong as possible. Be creative in selecting your path. Apps, important nutrients, unique exercise plans, fun recipes with coconut oil, or other choices can work together well.  Each woman is different, though. So keep in close touch with your health professionals as you make your choices. 

Treating yourself well and setting a good foundation for health for your baby now, gives you and your family a lovely beginning — growing with health and happiness into the future.


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