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Parenting & Wellness: Top Tips To Keep Your Kids Healthy & Happy

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A critical step to promoting health and happiness in your children is setting aside time for self-care. It is very easy to get overextended — and overtired. Self-care will only come when it is intentional, though, so schedule “me” time on a regular basis to give yourself a break.  Even just for a brief respite.


Self-care can also be:


  • Treating yourself to a massage
  • Taking a social media hiatus
  • Weekly or daily meditation
  • Turning off the news and reading an entertaining novel


That old saying, “You have to love yourself before you can truly love someone else,” is at the heart of self-care.

Plant-Based Parenting

Feeling lethargic and strung out from too much sugar, caffeine, meat, and lots of carbohydrates? Your kids feel it too. Think about “plant-based parenting.” Following a vegan diet is a life changer for many individuals and families. The lifestyle of plant-based parenting is centered on healthy eating behaviors that provide kids with much-needed nutrients without the detriments of a carb-filled, sugar-filled, meat-filled diet.


Families that eat a plant-based diet are less likely to have issues with obesity and diabetes, as well as a number of other health problems. Be creative and fun with your meal plan, including presentation, and involve your children in the planning, shopping, and cooking too. This will instill healthy eating behaviors for the long haul. And — you will be energized! https://www.plantbasednews.org/post/ultimate-vegan-parenting-lean-green-dad

Keep Them Moving

Technology has given the world many fantastic products and services. But it has led to a more sedentary society. A key to keeping your kids moving is providing creative opportunities to help them get exercise — without calling it exercise.  From simple activities around the home to unique special events and classes, getting your child off the phone and away from the video games and television is critical to their physical and mental health.


Scheduling a weekly activity day (or evening) where you try something new (Frisbee golf! Canoeing! Zip lining!) brings excitement to exercise. Take a class together (Dance! Martial Arts!) Just getting into some kind of routine is so important.


Simple at home activities you can do together like starting an organic garden, playing in fall leaves, watering the lawn or outdoor games like corn hole or badminton are all excellent ways to make exercise not feel like “exercise.”

Healthy Teens

Teens are filled with a lot of emotions and hormones — and need a lot of guidance when it comes to wellness.  The teenage years are a vulnerable, roller coaster time (for both teens and parents) and being mindful of the issues around body image and self-confidence is really important for the health and well- being of your teen.

All of the above tips apply to teens as well, but providing a comforting and safe space for wellness will give them a stronger foundation to get through the day-to-day life of a teenager.  Focus on health, not weight. Have family meals together as often as possible to promote good eating habits. Foster a healthy body image, supporting your teen and complimenting them on a daily basis.

And when you get stressed out dealing with an emotional teen — don’t forget self-care!

Preventing Sickness

The dreaded sick child. Parents hate to see their kids suffer, and an important part of an overall wellness plan is to help prevent them from getting sick. Of course, it’s inevitable that your child will get sick sometimes, but teaching them (and reminding them) of preventative behaviors will go a long way to keeping your child healthy and not miserable at home with the flu or a bad cold.


Top tips to keep your kid from getting sick:


  • Stop using hand dryers — recent research has shown they actually spread a ton of germs around the public bathrooms, and often right into a young child’s face. Use a paper towel instead


  • Don’t share lunch items at school — water bottles and food can spread viruses and bacteria very quickly. This is particularly important during cold and flu season


  • Sneezing & coughing into the elbow — if you can teach this habit from a very young age, it really helps to slow the spread of viruses


  • Reduce dairy and sugary drink intake — cutting down dairy will decrease phlegm and too many sugary drinks can cause chronic nasal obstruction, leaving your kid with a constant stuffy or runny nose


The blessings of parenting are many. Keeping your kids healthy and happy with simple techniques, a creative mind, and a real wellness routine will not only increase their quality of life now, but set the stage for an equally healthy and happy adulthood. It’s all about knowledge and habits.  Begin (or accelerate!) your child’s wellness program today.

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