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Corporate Wellness by Wellness Interactive Inc
According to Morneau Shepell Inc., a company that provides Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) for corporations, the use of such programs has increased 50% over the last 4 years. Employees are sending a message loud and clear – they need assistance managing stress. Stress can be particularly debilitating during the holiday season when the expectations far outnumber the hours of the day and the money in the pocket. How can employers help?

Market the Benefits

If you have a wellness program or an Employee Assistance Program make sure every employee knows it and knows what they provide. Mentioning it in the employee newsletter or on the new employee list as one of the many benefits they receive is not enough. Make sure they understand what the programs are, if there’s a cost associated with them, and how often they can use them. This takes more than mentioning, this requires marketing. Have a health and wellness fair, put it on your internal hold music, hang posters, or come up with other creative ideas to get the message out there.

Help Managers See the Benefit

A manager’s success is based on her team’s, so having an unproductive employee is not ideal. Train a manager that if he sees a change in an employee’s productivity to have a talk with her and make sure she is aware of the assistance the company provides. Some managers may feel awkward in potentially addressing a personal issue but they’re really addressing productivity and letting the employee know they’ve noticed a change. Managers don’t need to – nor should they – grill the employee on a personal matter, merely call their attention to available resources.

Offer Coping Programs and Tools

In addition to an EAP, creating a culture where voicing opinions is valued, not stifled, can help encourage overwhelmed employees to speak up rather than hide their concerns. Offering seminars and sessions that help employees cope with stress and give them the tools they need to process it, will also help them face their issues on their own for those who don’t feel comfortable seeking help with an EAP.